ACDS Urban and Krav Maga Tactical Instructor 2021

13.03.2021 – 21.03.2021 | 8:00 – 18:00


Colosseo – Ambo Training Sever do Vouga
Rua do Alto das Antas Nr 860, Reguengo – Sever do Vouga


Live your hobby, become a ACDS URBAN or Krav Maga Tactical Instructor!


ACDS URBAN is a modern art to defende your self and others. ACDS Urban is part of the Ambo Combat and Defense System (ACDS) developed by Amaro Bento. It was created to allow civilians to defend themselves effectively or to protect third parties. We expect ACDS Urban to meet requirements that go beyond what is usually offered by traditional self-defense systems or martial arts.
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Krav Maga Tactical the Israeli defense system, is a modern way to defend yourself and third persons. Krav Maga Tactical stands for modern and practice-oriented self-defense and defense of third parties. You will learn how to behave correctly in all possible situations. KMT (like ACDS) claims to still function under stress, adrenaline and fear.
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Enroll in training courses with the founder of ACDS Ambo Combat and defense system and Krav Maga Tactical, Master Amaro Bento.
This formation will be take place in the HQ of the AMBOgroup in Portugal.

The AMBOgroup represents 22 schools in 4 countries. We stand for high quality and professionalism since 2001.


  • 45 hours Selfdefense
  • 10 hours Defense of others
  • 5 hours Didactic and Psycological  teaching method
  • 10 hours Survival
  • 5 hours First Aid
  • 5 hours Sparring & Scenarios


The course is given in English if there are different nationalities to participate. The trainer speaks Portuguese, English, French, German and Italian, the Spanish can understand and explain what it takes.

+35 191 516 90 77

Payment Information

8309 Nürensdorf
IBAN: CH31 0900 0000 8984 5384 3


Instructor cours are included accommodation
Please contact the for infos about price
Only training 550 included accommodation (with AMBO PASS 500 euro)
* Accomodation 9 or 10 nights in the colosseo, use of the kitchen.
Food and drinks are not included

Buchungen sind für diese Veranstaltung nicht mehr möglich.